I care about the process and the journey behind a successfull design, having an eye to see things simplistically and creatively. My aim is to design experiences and products for people. I anticipate to learn more and explore in user centric design.

I contend to work through many ways in product research and the user experience. I am heavily inspired by nature, art, and design. Following my interest in photography for more than 9 years, I specialize in travel, lifestyle, and product photography.

Product Research 

User Research 


Information Architecture

Market Research

Product Ideation 

Heuristic Evalution

Concept Building


Production Coordinator / Anibrain Studios
MAY13 2019 - 14 JUNE 2019  - Pune, Maharashtra

• Distributing outsourcing material to other studios.

• Project distribution.

• Shots and sequences management

• Coordination with Track and match move departments.

Senior Associate / Wipro Limited
April 17 2017 - April 19 2019 - Pune, Maharashtra

CMS ( Content Management System )

• Campaign Management

• Quality Assurance of Web content

• Measuring the performance of campaigns.

• Designing creatives.

Photographer, Designer / TrustFort Events PVT
Feb 2 2017 - April 5 2017 - Pune, Maharashtra

• Graphic Designing
• Web Content ideation
• Scheduling creatives for the social media pages.
• Stage planning ( Camera placements)
• Photography / Videography ( Product, Locations, Fashion and Event )

3d Artist, Designer / Little Green Men Ltd
Jan 6 2016 - Jan 31 2017 - Pune, Maharashtra


• 3D Art (architecture modeling)
• Design creatives (social media creatives and posters)
• Planning advertising campaigns.
• Brainstorming and planning the creative vision of the company.
• Web Content planning.
• Handling social media pages (Instagram and facebook)
• Client Coordinaiton and ensuring the project deadlines.

Product Design Masters / Anant National University

August 2019 - Present Ahmedabad, Gujarat

B.Sc in Animation, Live action film making and media communications / Reliance Media Works

August 2012 - December 2015 - Pune, Maharashtra


When I’m not designing. I’m writing blogs, photographing places or hiking. I’m inspired by product designers and photography enthusiasts. Always open to collaborate and generate impact.