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Emergency Medicine - Healthcare

A thesis project focusing on systematic level service design.

The emergency rescue system in India has been trying to improve the process of rescuing people for a long time now. We envision everything faster nowadays and rely on many services for the best results. The meteoric growth also comes with catastrophic situations especially when we are facing a pandemic.


The rescue system in India is still fragmented and most people don’t know what numbers to call in an emergency, especially in small towns. Although there are ambulance services available but are of no worth when it comes to accessibility, time, and approachability.


Poor services and traffic play a big role in making it more inefficient. Though in many big cities the AMB systems and services are working efficiently, there is a lot of scopes to improve it by making it faster

CodeRED is a service connecting emergency rescue systems directly with users, giving them direct access and visibility of actions.

AID acts as a backup for CodeRED and focuses on encouraging current users to come up and be good samaritans in an emergency by creating a network of nearby people who can come for instant help.

Problem Experience

This project started from my real-life catastrophic experience, when it took 3 hours for the hospital to arrange an ALS ambulance for my father, while he was in the process of transfer to an advanced hospital in another city. The main concern was availability and access to ambulances and a driver.

Design Process

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& Empathize

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Defining the Problem

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Implementation of CodeRED will build connectivity between mobility services and emergency rescue systems, through which the existing and new users can get direct access to Ambulances/rescue vehicles.

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Incase of no ambulances

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Stimulating an Alert

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AID is a concept that will act as a backup for CodeRED, and a service that will connect all the good samaritans who are willing to come up and help people in emergencies like accidents and injuries.


A service for sending help alerts and broadcasting rescue messages to all the nearby users who can reach out quickly and help.

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Locate AID users near you to check availability

Send an alarming alert, to get a call back

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Search people by location

Send a broadcast message or a voice note.

This is a comprehensive project of a 150+ pages thesis book, for better understanding kindly refer to the booklet.