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Speculative Design - Product Ideation and Research

Machines are already intelligent, but observers have failed to recognize it. I am researching primitive AIs for quite a while now and it is quite fascinating journey. This project shows an ideation process and 3D development of two AI integrated speculated products for military. 

Artboard 2-100.jpg
Artboard 3-100.jpg
Artboard 5-100.jpg
Artboard 4-100.jpg
Artboard 14-100.jpg
Artboard 7-100.jpg
Artboard 10-100.jpg
Artboard 9-100.jpg
Artboard 8-100.jpg


Artboard 12-100.jpg
Artboard 11-100.jpg
Artboard 20-100.jpg
Artboard 19-100.jpg
Artboard 18-100.jpg
Artboard 20 copy-100.jpg
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