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These projects cover different problems mainly related to user experience, along with that I have been experimenting with 3D, Visual Design, and Photography.

Group 335.png

Service design thesis project based on true events, focusing on system-level design thinking, to bring fastest emergency medical rescue. 

Emergency Medicine - Health Care

Group 336.png

Improving the user engagement of an AI based dynamic recipe maker experience.

Team Project -   WE WON THE 1ST PRIZE         

International UX-Design Competetion

Group 337.png

Dashboard user experience, making the field research management and coordination easier.

Task - Manage - Update - Reporting

Research Platform

Group 342.png

A third-party mobile application that serves NGOs, Non-Profits, and other similar organizations by connecting them with legitimate donors.

DIVVY - Philanthropy & Crowdfunding

Group 339.png

A mental health UX/UI project focusing on encouraging people to come forward and share their experiences. Body and mind alignment exercises.

Assigned Project - SERENE

Group 340.png

A design and strategy planning exercise project focusing on the speculation of AI-enabled products. 

Speculative Design Projects

Group 341.png

A photography project with a unique light painting technique done for Omega watches.
Product placement with artificial lights and fire.

Product Photography

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